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About Us

Lady Osei African Fashion is a family of American and Ghanaian Fashion Brand, specializing in African inspired fashions and jewelry. The name OSEI pronounced as the American national anthem "OH SAY" with the meaning as Noble or Honorable in the Ghanaian language of the Ashanti's called (Asante Twi) which stands as a reference of our heritage and plans to create a brand for both Men and Women.

Our brand was an inspiration my lovely wife Linda "Lady" Osei captured when she first saw the African Fabrics and Jewelry made from African Beads when she first visit Ghana in 2014. As a Event Organizer she was moved by the ideal of our locally manufactured Fabrics and wanted to add a new meaning by making the world know the true beauty of Jewelry made from Beads and Fabrics brought into the fashion world of beauty.Lady Osei African Fashions produce exciting, high quality stylish seasonal American And African inspired Family Fashions.We also blend quintessentially of all styles with West African Textiles, which is a representative of all multicultural population  

Many of the rich prints are directly sourced from Ghana, using authentic traditional motif blended with more contemporary imagery. Our brand gives the wearer a sense of glamour, great quality products that is a fashion forward, wearable and culturally influenced.